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Ocean view from Fiesta Americana Cozumel All Inclusive


Cozumel is an island in the Mexican Caribbean that has become one of the most iconic tourism destinations in the world. While most might think that going somewhere so popular is a tourist trap, we can say with certainty that visiting Cozumel is an absolute must if you enjoy crystalline turquoise water and perfect white powder sand with a sprinkle of Mayan culture.

Aerial view of Chankanaab Park near The Explorean Resorts


The Name of the Island, Cozumel

The legend that tells the story of the island and has been passed on for thousands of years, states that Cozumel was the home of the goddess of love and fertility Ixchel. To show her love for her home, Ixchel gifted her favorite bird to the island which gave it its special to the island. The name Cozumel was derived from the Mayan word Cuzamil which means the island of swallows. Today, besides swallows, visitors can find three endemic species and sixteen subspecies of birds in the island.



The best description of a vacation at The Explorean in Cozumel is an adventure by day and enjoyment by night. Getting to know the hotel’s amenities ranges from customizing your meals to creating one-of-a-kind adventures for our guests during the day. One of our favorite things at The Explorean is the unmatched options at the breakfast buffet. Not only will you enjoy the traditional breakfast offerings like fluffy pancakes and luscious tropical fruits, but you will also be able to choose your eggs any style at the omelet station. We know that doesn’t sound any different than what you’ve experienced in the past but trust us, we are talking serious breakfast business with everything your heart desires. The perfect example of this is the variety of toppings you get to choose for your quesadillas or eggs; yes, there is a larger-than-life quesadilla station with handmade tortillas too. Anything from perfectly crisp bacon to traditional local dishes like cochinita pibil is available at The Explorean’s breakfast – the perfect start to a brilliant day.

Cozumel Museum Entrance near The Explorean Resorts


While staying at Tthe Explorean, if you are looking for moments of total tranquility, there is a Ceiba tree meditation area that can be transformed into the perfect setting for sunrise or sunset yoga. Ceibas are the sacred Mayan trees that are the symbol of life and prosperity. Practicing yoga in this specific area of the property fills your body and mind with tranquility as you soak in the energy of the Ceiba trees around you. There is one particular Ceiba tree that has become a dual Ceiba; this is uncommon and a very distinct visual treat for all guests to enjoy.



There are quite a few things to do around the properties like laying in the ever so comfortable sun-chairs to enjoy the Caribbean breeze by the pool or swimming up to the aqua bars to enjoy a cocktail. There is nothing like knowing that everything is included during your vacation, yes… everything. This is an extra perk while at the Fiesta Americana because the variety of specialty restaurants is fantastic. And don’t worry, if you bring the kids, an afternoon of ‘adulting’ is definitely an option because at the Fiesta Americana Cozumel the Fiesta Kids Club has amazing activities, video games and even lunch for the kiddo’s while you enjoy some time for yourself. Another adult all-time-favorite we all know and love is the SPA Na’Ha’. The Fiesta Americana Cozumel has conventional and healing treatments that will replenish your body’s stamina and leave you completely relaxed to continue your vacation. And if your choice is to stay connected, we have complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the property for you and the entire family to enjoy.

Sunbeds arranged by the outdoor pool with cocktail at The Explorean Kohunlich


One of the perks of Cozumel is that whether you’re staying at The Explorean or the Fiesta Americana, you will be in front of spectacular beaches. However, if you choose to go outside the hotel walls, and explore a bit more of what the island has to offer, you will be able to choose from close to 80 archeological sites, incredible beaches or even a Mojito delight at the well-known palapa called Mojito 25.

Day tours to ‘El Cielo’ beach which literally translates to Sky beach are readily available, just ask your concierge and it will happen, and yes, this is included for all guests to enjoy! El Cielo beach will make you feel like you are swimming in an extension of the sky, surrounded by endemic marine life which you can enjoy while you snorkel or scooba dive. Many people don’t know this but Cozumel is considered a biosphere all on its own; the Mesoamerican Reef is the second largest reef system in the world and it is home to close to two thousand marine species. This is why the island is world famous for its unparalleled beauty and the interaction with marine life visitors can experience in this particular area of the Caribbean is unparalleled. Nature lovers can have fun with some terrestrial wild-life too! While you are on land don’t miss the Cozumel Racoon that is one of the most curious animals you will encounter. These special racoons are endemic to the island and are considered a treasure because of their playful personalities and beautiful fur.

At our hotels you will quickly realize Cozumel is the perfect balance between nature, culture and culinary delights. Whether you are at The Explorean Cozumel or at the Fiesta Americana Cozumel All Inclusive, rest assured there will be plenty of activities for you, your significant other and the entire family to enjoy inside and outside the hotel walls.